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How Poor Oral Hygiene Threatens Whole Body Wellness

Bad breath. Unattractive smiles. Lost teeth. These are what most people think of when they consider the consequences of poor oral hygiene. What they don’t know is that the bacteria that grows on neglected teeth and gums can lead to even more serious problems. Here are seven diseases related to poor oral health: Tooth Decay […]

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How to Cultivate Generosity

You might imagine being generous is simple. But healthy generosity involves giving individuals what they need with an open heart. Also, it’s not about giving up your needs to make people happy. Therefore, before you can practice the art of generosity successfully, it helps to understand what it means to be generous. Understanding generosity Many […]

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What to Do When You Experience a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be disruptive and stressful. Unfortunately, they are also inevitable for most of us at some point. If you deal with a dental emergency as quickly and effectively as possible, you will make a faster, more thorough recovery. Delaying an emergency visit to the dentist could result in unnecessary tooth loss. Here are […]

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5 Benefits of Ramping Up Gratitude

Gratitude is an automatic emotion, but you can also make a conscious effort to count your blessings. The deliberate cultivation of gratitude provides many psychological benefits. You can be grateful for just about any aspect of your life that increases joy or wellbeing in other ways. Here’s how ramping up gratitude can improve your mental […]

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15 Small Steps to a Healthier You

Making changes to your eating, sleeping, and activity levels is the key to improving your health. However, making big lifestyle changes can be daunting and hard to maintain. Defining your goals for achieving a healthier lifestyle and breaking them down into smaller, more achievable tasks is the easiest way to accomplish these goals. Here are […]

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