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What Is Gum Treatment?

Gum treatment is a branch of non-invasive dentistry in which heavily inflamed gum tissue is treated using a laser specifically designed to fit between the tooth and gum tissue to kill any germs/infected tissue causing the inflammation. Gingivitis/periodontitis is caused by a number of reasons, such as, poor oral hygiene, genetics, chronic illnesses, smoking, and certain medications. Periodontal disease is one of the leading oral conditions in patients.  Failure to remove the infected tissue can lead to serious issues such as  infections, extractions, loose teeth bone loss, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Gum Treatment?

  • Reduced gum inflammation
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimizes risk of bacterial infection
  • Rapid recovery

How Much Does Gum Therapy Cost?

Most insurance companies cover gum therapy under preventative services. The mouth is split into sextants (a sextant is one of six equal parts in which a dental arch is split into). Each sextant costs $800.

Before & After Photos

Why Dr. Girn/Home of Dentistry?

Dr. Girn has completed several laser gum therapy treatment cases with a high success rate. Dr. Girn takes advantage of the use of laser treatment versus the traditional invasive method resulting in minimal pain, healthier gums, and a happy patient.


Having done periodontal surgery for the first time, I was really nervous about even considering the procedure at first. Dr. Girn was very informative and told me exactly what to expect throughout the procedure and how to care for my gums after. Dr. Girn was very gentle through the procedure and answered any questions I had before beginning treatment. My gums are much healthier now and don't bleed every time I brush or floss. I would recommend anybody considering this procedure to have it done by Dr. Girn. His and his staff are very knowledgeable and kind. I feel confident in Dr. Girn's work to get any major or minor work done by him, especially after this procedure.

— Jaideep, P - Milton

I had previously had periodontal surgery done 20 years ago by a periodontist and swore from that day on that I'd never go to a dentist again!! 20 years ago this procedure was much more painful and bloodier than it is now. I had no idea that laser gum treatment was even a thing until Dr. Girn told me about it. He was able to change my mind about dentists altogether to be very honest. My gum health was deteriorating and I was just too scared to get anything done. I'm so very thankful Dr. Girn took the time to educate me and open my eyes to the importance of getting this surgery done. I don't even know why they call it surgery because it's not even close to that! Once the freezing came out I felt like I didn't even get anything done, just mild irritation that I didn't even have to take pain killers for. For those out there that have had a bad experience in the past like I did, I would highly recommended Dr. Girn and his team. You won't be disappointed.

— Melanie, G - Mississauga

My hygienist had been monitoring my inflamed gums for a couple of years before recommending laser gum treatment. I was really hesitant at first because when you hear those words you think of all the worst things possible. My hygienist asked Dr. Girn to explain the procedure to me, Dr. Girn explained everything to me step by step and even showed me on a diagram why it was important to bring my gums back to a healthy level. My procedure went well and I had no issues with my healing.

— Philip, R - Mississauga


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