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9 Great Foods You Should Eat After A Workout

What you eat after a workout can be just as critical to your fitness goals as the workout itself. Eating the wrong post-gym foods can impede muscle recovery and growth, deplete energy, hinder fat loss, and discourage proper hydration. If thoughts of healthy after-work out foods conjure up grim images of things such as bone-dry […]

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 5 Tips for Handling Health Anxiety During a Pandemic

Anxiety and depression are more prevalent during pandemics for multiple reasons. People are naturally social, and many don’t do well when they’re unable to socialize in a normal environment. Staying indoors also isn’t great for mental health. Fresh air and sunshine are essential for clearing the mind and boosting the mood. Another big issue? Fear. […]

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6 Foods That Help Keep You Young

You are what you eat — literally. Three months from now, all of your cells will all have died and been replaced, and the foods you eat are the building blocks your body will use to create those new cells. Can you influence your future appearance by putting the right nutrients into your body today? […]

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Meditation for Mental Wellness

Meditation is a way to train your mind, similar to how fitness is used to train your body. You have probably heard of meditation but may not know how to begin. There are many different forms of meditation and each of these requires different skills. Meditation can have so many benefits for your overall health […]

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Coronavirus: How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Protecting those who are closest to us is second nature for many. How to keep the family safe from harm from any Coronavirus infection is something that everyone should know. Here are five handy steps to take to reduce the risk of infection coming into home and family life. What is a Coronavirus Coronaviruses are […]

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Five Natural Remedies for Your Winter Cold

Nobody likes dealing with winter colds. From the stuffy nose to the aching head and even the lingering cough, this irritating illness can make you feel terrible. Of course, with so many things to do and people to see during the chilly months, you cannot be expected to lie around while you get over a […]

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Five Tips For More Productive Mornings

A good morning can be one of the biggest keys to having a successful day. A strong early start will set the right tone for all the hours that follow. Mornings are especially important since many people are naturally at their most productive and focused during this period. Here are five steps to take to […]

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Is Your Toothbrush Making You Sick?

Everyone wants good health, and clean teeth contribute to general well-being. Using a dirty or germy toothbrush can undo a world of good! By inserting a bacteria-laden tool into your mouth, you may actually be re-infecting yourself! Cleaner Tools Mean a Cleaner Mouth First, using toothpaste – every time – actually helps to keep your […]

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7 Things That Will Get You Through Seasonal Affective Disorder this Winter

Cold weather isn’t the only thing that rolls in at wintertime. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also called seasonal depression, is depression that emerges typically during the fall and winter months when you’re less exposed to sunlight. The “winter blues” can give you low energy levels, sleeping problems, depression, trouble concentrating and appetite changes, mostly because […]

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