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What Is An Extraction?

An extraction in dentistry is the process in which the affected tooth is removed from the alveolar bone using special tools designed specifically for an tooth extraction.  Dental extractions are done for many reasons:

  • Severely decayed tooth
  • Wisdom teeth (most common reason for extraction)
  • Trauma caused to a tooth
  • Non-restorable
  • Severely fractured tooth
  • Preparation for orthodontics – in patients with severe crowding, extractions are done to create space
  • Severe bone loss – the tooth extracted as bone is unable to support tooth anymore
  • Infection

The process of an extraction differs from patient to patient. Generally, the process is initiated by an x-ray to determine the positing of the affected tooth in the bone. Local anaesthesia is then administered and the tooth is extracted. In many cases, patient’s request to receive general anaesthesia, in which case the patient is referred to an oral surgeon. Following an extraction,  it normally takes 2-10 days to heal. Post-operative instructions are provided to the patient to ensure optimal healing:

  • Applying ice – 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off
  • Biting down on gauze to reduce bleeding and aid in blood clotting.
  • Taking prescribed medications as instructed (antibiotics and painkillers)
  • Avoiding smoking, drinking through a straw, spicy/crunchy foods, rinsing vigorously

What Are The Benefits Of An Extraction?

  • Aids in overcrowding
  • Pain relief
  • Early removal of wisdom teeth prevents future crowding

How Much Does An Extraction Cost?

Dental extractions range in levels of complications, thus ranging in cost. The more complicated the extraction, the higher the cost. Per tooth, a patient can expect to pay anywhere between $150-$500 per tooth. Most insurance companies cover the cost of extractions under major treatment. 0% interest monthly payment plans are available for patients to take advantage of for extensive treatment.

Why Dr. Girn/Home of Dentistry?

Dr. Girn has over 20 years of experience with extractions. His gentle approach ensures optimal healing and the highest level of comfort during the procedure.


I had severe pain from my wisdom teeth growing in and Dr. Girn saw me as an emergency patient as soon as I called. He prescribed me antibiotics and told me I had to come back to have my wisdom teeth extracted. His front desk staff were able to squeeze me in the following day which I was so appreciative of because I was in so much pain. I didn't sleep that night because of how nervous I was, but the procedure went so smooth and painless. I almost felt silly for how nervous I was. Dr. Girn and his assistant were so gentle with me and kept asking throughout the entire procedure if I was doing okay and making sure I wasn't in pain. They also gave me laughing gas which made the extractions so much easier. I was particularly impressed with Dr. Girn's personal phone call I got that evening to see if I was recovering okay. I've never received this kind of service anywhere I've been. I'm beyond satisfied with the service I get every time I come here.

— Riley, A - Brampton

My daughter needed four teeth removed before beginning her braces treatment, so we came to discuss this treatment with Dr. Girn before seeing a specialist. Dr. Girn explained the entire procedure in detail and even showed us on my daughters x-ray which teeth would be coming out and why. When my daughter got her teeth extracted, she healed so fast and was able to return to school the following day. I truly believe this is because of Dr. Girn's skills in treating his patients with the best care possible. We're so grateful to have found a dentist that is just around the corner and does it all! Thank you again Dr. Girn, your services are truly appreciated.

— Sunita, S - Mississauga

I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Girn when I was 16. I still remember how terrified I was when I was going in for my procedure because I had heard so many horror stories and made the mistake of searching the Internet before getting my teeth extracted. I was clearly really nervous when I came in that day because I was crying and shaking before they even took me into the room. Once they did bring me in the room, his assistant helped ease my anxiety so much, she talked to me about school and work and other things to take my mind off of what I was there for. She made sure I was okay before Dr. Girn came back in the room to begin anything. I requested to get laughing gas as well which was a big help. The procedure went really well and I didn't feel any pain at all. I would definitely recommend Dr. Girn if you need to get your teeth extracted, he is awesome!

— Amanda, G - Mississauga


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