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Root Canal Treatment

What Is A Root Canal?

A Root Canal treatment is used to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal and prevent re-infection of the tooth. This procedure is used to save the natural tooth. During the procedure of a Root Canal the infected pulp is removed using specialized endodontic instruments designed specifically for safe and effective removal of the dental pulp. The tooth is then carefully cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed using materials designed for root canal treatment. Resulting in a natural working tooth. Root canals are the ideal option in cases where the tooth is severely decayed or infected, or both. After root canal treatment, it is strongly advised a crown is placed (refer to crown and bridge section for more information), and a tooth with root canal treatment becomes brittle over time. A crown provides stability to a tooth at risk of fracture.

What Are The Benefits Of Root Canals?

  • Natural Appearance
  • Allows Patient to keep Tooth
  • Normal Biting Force and Sensation
  • Protects Teeth from Excessive Wear or Stain
  • Eliminates Infection to Surrounding Teeth

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

Most insurance companies cover root canal treatment under endodontic services. The cost of a root canal is dependent on the number of canals (for example, a front tooth will have one canal, whereas a molar tooth will have four canals). The cost can range anywhere between $500-$1500. 0% interest monthly payment plans are available for patients to take advantage of for extensive treatment.

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Why Dr. Girn/Home of Dentistry?

Dr. H. Girn has over 20 years of experience in providing root canals and completed hundreds of successful procedures. Dr. Girn ensures a complete diagnosis and successful root canal every time.


I've had two root canals done by Dr. Girn since I've been a patient here and both times have been a pleasant experience. I don't mind coming to the dentist to get my general cleanings and fillings done but root canals can be a little intimidating, so it was nice to have the procedure go smoothly. I would recommend Dr. Girn and staff for all your dental needs.

— Clarke, C - Mississauga

I had never had any serious dental work done before other than my cleanings that I was coming in for regularly. I started to have severe pain one day and I was so confused because it hurt so much and I had never felt anything like that before. I called first thing in the morning and Nav squeezed me in that same day after I told her how much pain I was in. Dr. Girn saw me right away and told me that I needed a root canal. I knew absolutely nothing about root canals at the time and Dr. Girn was so helpful in explaining the procedure to me and he was nice enough to find me a video to show me the whole process from start to finish. He made sure I understood everything he was doing before booking me back. I'm very particular so breaking down the procedure for me was so helpful. Dr. Girn is knowledgeable and doesn't hold back anything when it comes to his patients. I know I'm always in good hands at the Home of Dentistry.

— Anna, H - Mississauga

I have complete trust and confidence in Dr. Girn when it comes to my oral health. I try to brush and floss as often as I can because growing up I used to get cavities every single time I went to the dentist. Even with my religious brushing and flossing I ended up needing a root canal which was more disappointing than scary but I was happy I didn't have to see a specialist to get it done. Dr. Girn was great when I came for my root canal, he took the time to ask about how I was feeling and how my day was going instead of just jumping straight into the root canal. Before beginning he asked me what I wanted to watch on TV so I could be distracted during my treatment which I thought was awesome! I would definitely recommend Dr. Girn!

— Nadan, P - Milton


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