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Making Moves to Reduce Waste at Home

Zero-waste is a daunting concept. Every home produces waste, and to minimize that down to absolute zero seems impossible, but try to think of reducing waste as a journey with zero as the goal. There are steps that can be taken today to help reduce waste tomorrow. Rather than viewing the entire household as a […]

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How to Avoid Weight Gain When Working from Home

More people are working from home.  It is a great opportunity for flexible working but there’s a hidden cost. Less movement and more calories will lead to weight gain, especially in a sedentary role. Here’s how to avoid piling on the pounds while working from home. Get a Routine If you work from home, you […]

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Three Ways To Make The Best Of Your Time In Quarantine

With a virus or other illness spreading rapidly around the globe, countries all over the world will ramp up their efforts to slow down the spread. Healthcare systems everywhere rely on the efforts of individual people to limit interactions in order to help avoid overwhelming hospitals, intensive care units, and other necessary battle grounds in fighting […]

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Are You Tired All of the Time? Try These 6 Tips to Help Stop Fatigue

Are you one of those people who need cup after cup of coffee to make it through the day? It’s normal to feel tired sometimes, but if you are feeling lethargic every day, then it could be a sign you need to introduce a few lifestyle changes to give you a boost. Fortunately, most cases […]

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Finding A New Hobby As An Adult

Unleash Your Inner Child When you’re a kid, finding a hobby is easy. In school, you’re introduced to a variety of activities, and during the summer you probably spent time at the pool, riding bikes, or climbing trees. Your childhood years are some of the most freeing and uncomplicated years of your life. Your joys […]

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6 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress

Stress has become such a common part of modern life that it is sometimes difficult to imagine what life would be like without it. Whether the cause is work, personal relationships, unhealthy lifestyles or poor sleep patterns, excessive stress is harmful to physical and mental well-being. These simple and effective activities will help you to […]

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Tips for Staying on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions but it’s hard to maintain them. Studies show that 80% of people won’t keep their resolutions, with many dropping them as early as February. But that statistic doesn’t have to include you in 2020. If you’re serious about changing your life, these tips can help hold you accountable […]

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How a Holistic Lifestyle Can Help You Reach New Year’s Goals

As the New Year approaches, people often take stock of their life and vow to make changes in the year ahead. Even with good intentions, an unfortunate reality is that many people fall off the bandwagon a few weeks into the new year because they’re unable to make lasting change. If you want this year to […]

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