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Spring Clean Your Body with This Revitalizing 3-Day Detox Regimen

Your body functions in cycles similar to the rhythmic seasons of spring, fall, and winter. So, just as you celebrate the rejuvenation of life in the springtime, it’s also essential to take some time to reawaken and cleanse your body. Believe it or not, your body synchronizes with the environment, and spring is the perfect […]

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10 Ways to Live an Embodied Life

When you live an embodied life, you acknowledge and decipher physical sensations. They can help you stay in touch with your inner natural rhythm and enhance self-awareness. Each message from your body tells you something about your experience, and you can use subtle body signs to improve your wellbeing. The signals from your body are […]

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Stop Doing These Things to Ease Jaw Pain Related to TMD

Although nobody knows for sure, it’s estimated that TMD affects around 10 million Americans. Although some cases are mild and cause only mild discomfort, TMD can be severe. Severe cases of TMD can cause significant pain that lowers a person’s quality of life. If you or a loved one has TMD, there are things you […]

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5 Easy Ways to Look After Your Smile

Your dentist can do an excellent job of enhancing and repairing your smile, both through regular dental care and more advanced work such as orthodontics. Additionally, here are ways on how you can play your part and look after your smile! 1) Effective Brushing It seems like an obvious point, but effective brushing is the […]

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5 Benefits of Ramping Up Gratitude

Gratitude is an automatic emotion, but you can also make a conscious effort to count your blessings. The deliberate cultivation of gratitude provides many psychological benefits. You can be grateful for just about any aspect of your life that increases joy or wellbeing in other ways. Here’s how ramping up gratitude can improve your mental […]

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8 Affordable Ways to Entertain Kids at Home

Children need a lot of entertainment, stimulation and sometimes, on certain days, are a tough audience to impress. Here are 8 fresh and creative ways to entertain kids at home. 1: Have a body art competition Get large pieces of paper (you can buy rolls of cheap paper in various colors at most stationary stores) […]

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Tooth Whitening Hacks: 3 That Work and 2 That Don’t

Even if you had pearly whites at one time, your teeth naturally lose their luster with age. No matter what you eat, how often you brush and floss, or how much money you spend on whitening strips or custom trays, that beautiful sheen will eventually fade away. But all is not lost! There are a […]

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