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How Drum Meditation Benefits Mental Health

Have you ever watched documentaries or read about shamanic healing rituals? If so, you will know a lot of shamanic healing comprises the use of a drumbeat. For instance, Buddhist shamans in Nepal use a drum to perform their rituals. They believe that certain sounds have a healing frequency. Have you ever considered how listening […]

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5 Tips for Learning Meditation

Meditation is an ancient and fascinating practice that has been pursued for thousands of years. Over the centuries, countless people have found relaxation, insight, and inner peace by sitting down, clearing their minds, and observing their own consciousness in a quiet, reflective way. Learning to meditate can seem intimidating, and many find that they don’t […]

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How Poor Oral Hygiene Threatens Whole Body Wellness

Bad breath. Unattractive smiles. Lost teeth. These are what most people think of when they consider the consequences of poor oral hygiene. What they don’t know is that the bacteria that grows on neglected teeth and gums can lead to even more serious problems. Here are seven diseases related to poor oral health: Tooth Decay […]

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11 Ways To Manifest The Life You Want

Have you ever daydreamed of a different life? Have you ever imagined yourself driving a luxurious car, lounging around in a mansion, or wrapped in the arms of a true love? These scenarios are all possibilities that could occur in your lifetime, and those daydreams are potentially powerful manifestation techniques that you can use to […]

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Getting Started With Meditation — 5 Important Tips for Newbies

When it comes to improving your life, meditation is one of the most powerful tools around. It can help you focus and be more productive, sleep better, and cope with stress and anxiety. It can even help with weight loss. But for many people, getting started can be a daunting task. Here are five important […]

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What to Expect During RV Summer Travel & How to Prepare

Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 has drastically altered and changed the ways of the world. The sadness and tragedy that ensued have caused a lot of people to transform their lives and plans. Though many of these changes and alterations can be seen as negatives, that isn’t the case across the board. One silver lining that has […]

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3 Types of Dental Bridges Explained

One of the more common ways dentists use to compensate for a lost tooth is to place a dental bridge that covers the gap. As the name implies, a dental bridge “bridges” a space where one or more teeth are missing to restore a healthier smile. Placing a bridge is an alternative to getting a […]

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