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Reasons Dental Implants Are the Best Choice

When you lose a tooth (or several of them), you may be unsure about your options. Though you may not want to visit the dentist to learn about these options, it is important that you do something about it.

One of your options is going to be getting dental implants. If you are unsure about whether that is the right choice for you, here are some reasons why you should consider them.

Dental implants prevent bone loss. The best reason to get dental implants is that it prevents bone loss. Your natural teeth have roots that are in your jawbone. These roots let your body know that they need to continue to repair and rebuild the bone tissue around them. This is necessary for a strong jawbone. As you lose teeth, you are losing the roots and your jawbone may quickly become weaker.

By placing a dental implant directly into your jawbone, you are letting your body know that it needs to continue to repair and rebuild the bone tissue in your jaw. This will keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Your dental implants will actually become a part of your body. As the bone regenerates in your jaw due to the dental implants, they will actually become a part of your jaw. They will fully integrate into your natural jawbone in about six months or so. This makes them very strong, just as if they were the natural roots of your own teeth.

Implants help to maintain the shape of your face. When you lose teeth and don’t do anything about it, your teeth shift. This can really affect the shape of your face, along with your dental health. Your teeth may crowd together, making it hard to keep them as clean as possible.

When you get dental implants (and artificial teeth), the shape of your face won’t change. Your teeth will all stay in place and you will be able to continue to brush and floss comfortably so that your mouth stays healthy and clean.

They are very natural. Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. They are as strong as the roots of your teeth because they fit right into your jawbone. When you do get your replacement teeth, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the crowns that will fit right onto your implants. These crowns will look natural because they are made specifically for you. They will match the rest of your teeth, both in shape and color.

When you get dental implants, it won’t affect your other teeth. Unlike other dental procedures where your replacement teeth need to be attached to other teeth in your mouth, you won’t have to worry about that with dental implants. There is no need to grind or prepare your other teeth before you get dental implants.

They last for a very long time. Unlike other dental work, like fillings, dentures, and bridgework, dental implants will last for a very long time. This is especially true if you are serious about your dental health. Good brushing and flossing will help them to last even longer.

The best reason to get dental implants is because they will keep your bone strong. When you lose teeth (and the roots that hold them in), your bone will begin to weaken. Dental implants, which are placed directly into the jawbone, will let your body know that it needs to keep making bone in the jawbone. This will keep them strong for the rest of your life!

Dental implants also help your face structure. When you lose teeth, your teeth will move around in your mouth, and this can completely change the way that your face is shaped. This can also make it harder to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. When your teeth are all crowded together, you will have to work harder to keep the bacteria out of your mouth.

Though you may also be concerned about the price, the truth is that, with proper care, your dental implants can last you for the rest of your life! Unfortunately, bridgework and dentures just don’t last as long. They also aren’t as strong.