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7 Amazing Herbs for Stress and Anxiety Relief

From major life changes to trivial everyday concerns, the road to increased anxiety and overwhelming stress is a slippery slope. Natural remedies are a great way to work through mental and physical tension. The herbs mentioned below are great for stress and anxiety relief and will help you become calmer, more focused, and overall healthier. […]

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Weight Loss as a Prescription for Prediabetes

Startling statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that a staggering 96 million adult Americans, roughly one in three, find themselves teetering on the edge of prediabetes, a number steadily climbing, likely fueled by the surging rates of obesity. What’s even more alarming is that many are blissfully unaware of this […]

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5 Health Benefits of Time Restricted Eating

  Eat, fast, thrive. This counterintuitive approach strays from the ingrained “three square meals a day” doctrine. However, a growing body of research illuminates the health perks of narrowing our eating window through time-restricted feeding. This pattern involves condensing your daily calorie intake into a consistent 8-10-hour timeframe, then fasting the remainder. So, if you […]

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Self-Esteem Tips for the Modern Woman

Peace and happiness can be a difficult state of being to achieve. For some, it seems to come effortlessly, but many struggle with a negative outlook worsened by the stresses of life, politics, finances and mental health issues. There is no magic pill that will cure these symptoms. For those trapped in difficult positions it […]

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