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Top Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay In Children

Tooth decay in children is surprisingly common. Indeed, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 52% of American children aged 6 to 8 have had at least one cavity in their primary teeth. Tooth decay is caused by food containing carbohydrates being transformed into acid by bacteria in the mouth. That acid […]

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5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Teen for Dental Braces

Is your teen preparing for braces? How exciting! Braces treatment improves oral health, prevents dental injuries, and provides a lifetime of straighter, more confident smiles. While you and your teen are looking forward to the day they get their braces, there are some important steps to take to prepare. Here are five things to do […]

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What to Do When You Experience a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be disruptive and stressful. Unfortunately, they are also inevitable for most of us at some point. If you deal with a dental emergency as quickly and effectively as possible, you will make a faster, more thorough recovery. Delaying an emergency visit to the dentist could result in unnecessary tooth loss. Here are […]

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Brace Yourself: Which Type of Orthodontic Treatment Is Best for You

With the growing number of orthodontic treatment options available today, patients can choose from several kinds of braces. Which type is best for you? Traditional Metal Braces Traditional metal braces are the ones you automatically picture when someone says “braces.” Stainless steel brackets are cemented to your teeth and connected to archwires with colorful elastic […]

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Are You Tired All of the Time? Try These 6 Tips to Help Stop Fatigue

Are you one of those people who need cup after cup of coffee to make it through the day? It’s normal to feel tired sometimes, but if you are feeling lethargic every day, then it could be a sign you need to introduce a few lifestyle changes to give you a boost. Fortunately, most cases […]

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Five Natural Remedies for Your Winter Cold

Nobody likes dealing with winter colds. From the stuffy nose to the aching head and even the lingering cough, this irritating illness can make you feel terrible. Of course, with so many things to do and people to see during the chilly months, you cannot be expected to lie around while you get over a […]

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