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Periodontal Wellness Program

Is gum disease lurking in your mouth? Early on, periodontal disease (commonly called gum disease) presents few or no symptoms, so you may not be aware you have it. Left to flourish, gum disease can lead to stroke, heart attack, pregnancy complications, and a host of other health problems. Through our comprehensive periodontal wellness program, we’ll identify and treat gum disease and educate you on how to halt its destructive progression.

Plaque is the most common cause of gum disease. Toxins produced by plaque deteriorate the fibers that connect your teeth to your gums, creating pockets where bacteria can flourish. Left untreated, gum disease can destroy your teeth and gums and compromise your overall health.

We’ll examine your mouth for evidence of gum disease. Early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, often causes red, swollen gums and bleeding while brushing. Treatment for gingivitis includes a deep teeth cleaning and instruction on proper brushing and flossing techniques. For more advanced cases of gum disease, Dr. Girn may recommend scaling and root planing to remove plaque and eliminate areas prone to plaque buildup. If your gum disease is severe, you may benefit from laser therapy. Using a soft-tissue laser, Dr. Girn can precisely and efficiently rid your mouth of harmful bacteria.

Keep your gums healthy and strong. Call our Mississauga office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Girn. Our patients in Meadowvale, Streetsville, Milton, and surrounding areas rely on us for optimal dental comfort and function.

3221 Derry Road West, Suite 2, Mississauga, ON L5N7L7 (905) 785-8444
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