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How to Effectively Treat Sensitive Teeth

As many as one in eight people suffer from sensitive teeth. It is a commonly overlooked condition by others since many view it as a mild inconvenience at worst, but sensitive teeth are a significant problem that makes everyday life difficult for many people. It’s hard to enjoy anything from a frosty ice cream to […]

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How Can I Pay For Implant Treatment?

If you’re considering replacing a missing tooth with implants, you’re probably already aware of the multiple health benefits of implants. But you might not be aware of the various options available to help you reduce how much you have to pay. From insurance coverage, to health spending accounts and flexible savings accounts, there are many […]

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What’s the Best Way to Replace A Single Missing Tooth?

Dental bridges used to be the main option to replace a single missing tooth but implants now provide an increasingly popular alternative because of their multiple advantages. A significant milestone in dentistry, implants are now widely used to improve the lives of people of all ages seeking a single-tooth replacement. Dental implants provide a solid […]

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7 Ways to Make Better Dental Health Your New Year’s Resolution

Taking better care of your dental health can mean you spend less time in the chair and less money on treatment. And no matter how careful you are already, nearly everyone can improve their routine at least a little. Make following these tips your New Year’s resolution and you might see a huge difference in […]

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Most Important Oral Hygiene Habits for Good Health

Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful teeth requires a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits. If you don’t have good habits or have been slacking on your oral hygiene lately, it’s never too late to establish a solid routine. Engaging in best oral practices daily significantly reduces the risk of major dental problems, ensuring your twice […]

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