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3 Ways to Inspire Positivity and Ditch the January Blues

People sometimes suffer from the January blues after the holidays. With the festive excitement over, it’s back to everyday living, and there may be little to look forward to for a while. Melancholy prevails as the reality of returning to the daily grind takes hold. Nonetheless, there are ways to fuel a good mood before and during work.

Start the day with positivity

Cold dim dawns don’t invite enthusiasm to start the day, but positive, mood-boosting intentions help. Aiming to see the bright side of life, for instance, provides a positive focus.

A healthy, enjoyable breakfast, attractive clothes to wear, and upbeat music contribute to well-being. A positive self-care routine to begin the day is uplifting too. Yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other forms of exercise encourage happy hormones to flow and create a positive frame of mind before the workday begins.

Develop a positive plan

New Year’s lifestyle resolutions are popular at the start of January, and workplace resolutions can also bring newfound zest. Therefore, define career goals and create plans about how to meet them for a sense of direction and to stimulate positive action.

Career development facilitator Dawn Rosenberg McKay suggests reachable, flexible, measurable, and realistic goals are best. Plans must involve long and short-term aims, and the steps it takes to reach them. It’s also wise to contemplate setbacks and how to evade them.

Revitalize the environment

Drab and gray winter days and lack of plentiful daytime hours reduce feel-good hormones compared to those experienced in the summer months. So exchange regular bulbs for daylight bulbs in the workplace to improve light levels and increase positivity.

Adding plants is supportive too. Boston ferns, (Nephrolepis Exalta Bostoniensis), brighten the environment while cleansing the air, as do peace lilies, (Spathiphyllum), and both are great choices.

Other ways to revive surroundings include the addition of photographs, art, and mood-elevating colors. As a rule, pastels uplift, soothe, and are easy on the eye, while warmer tones stimulate and increase productivity, but bear in mind they can reduce focus when sustained mental effort is required. Find a balance to suit specific work.

Develop a mood-lifting morning routine, set inspiring career goals, and refresh the workplace environment to increase positivity and ditch those January blues.